The Multi-Agency Task Force developed the Assessment (Phase 2) requirements and prepared the Assessment Form for use by the flooring specialists to document each floor.

The assessment of each floor reported is estimated to be less than $500, which allows for flooring specialists to be procured by obtaining three written quotes pusuant to A.R.S. §41-2535( and A.A.C. R2-7-D301 and R2-7-D305. The SFB obtained written quotes from three reputable flooring specialists for school districts to use, the lowest of which may be requested for funding from the School Facilities Board.

The SFB and ADEQ have entered into an Interagency Service Agreement to distribute funding for the assessment and testing to evaluate the use of a specific flooring material that may contain mercury.  This funding is available to school districts that reported a potential rubber floor through the SFB flooring survey. The Board may award funding for the Assessment and Testing Phases separately and use the online District Access Portal grant application process to manage the funding (Grants/Flooring Assessment).

As the results of Phase 2 for each floor are evaluated, Phase 3 will commence for those school districts that require testing.

School districts that do not require further testing should submit the assessment invoice to the School Facilities Board with these two documents below.