The School Facilities Board has established a Project Schedule for implementation of each Phase.

The SFB first became aware of potential problems with polyurethane rubberized floors in the Summer of 2015.  After learning of multiple potential problem floors, under the direction of the Governor’s Office, a Multi-Agency Task Force was formed to explore the details of the potential issues.  The SFB, the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health Services developed a six phase program to identify and quantify the floors and to what extent a public health concern may exist.

  • Phase 1 was a survey completed by each school district that reported any floors that might be a “rubber” type of flooring.
  • Phase 2 entails a flooring specialist visiting the schools to confirm if the flooring needs additional testing (bulk and air). Assessment Scheduling
  • Phase 3 includes the bulk and air sampling of floors identified in Phase 2 according to the Sampling Plan.
  • Phase 4 will commence when the test results are received and ADHS has reviewed the data to determine the rating and whether additional action is required according to the Sampling Plan.
  • Phase 5 includes providing school districts with instruction on the care of the floor, monitoring of the air, if required and/or recommended further action.
  • Phase 6 entails a flooring specialist visiting the remaining schools to confirm that no "rubber" type of flooring exists that needs additional testing (bulk and air). See link to Assessment Scheduling above.

If any floor is rated in the highest of the four categories, the Task Force will convene to determine appropriate actions to be taken on a case-by-case basis.